This is my response to the Kennedale Observer’s Questions.

Village at Hammack Creek – please respond by March 19, 2019
During December, January, and February the council had on its agenda four times to decide whether or not to give a resolution of support for the Hammack Creek low-income apartments. How would/did you vote and why?

The purposed 50 million dollar project to bring Retail, Restaurant, Living Space and Office space to our Downtown area is exciting news. I was dismayed at the Council’s insistence in playing politics, with this matter. We have been trying to clean up Kennedale’s image for over a decade and a half, to bring developments into our town. Now that we are in a great place in our process, that is now enticing new development, we are shutting the door in developer’s faces. As a small business owner in Kennedale, we need to court developers. Even if we decide it isn’t the best fit for our town. We can, at any time, say no to this development. To do this, at this point in their process, is suicide for future developments. If we waste developer’s time and investments, other developers will not even attempt, to grow, our community. Get the bureaucracy out of the way, let our process work (committees), and then decide.

Urban Village Zoning – please respond by March 26, 2019
Currently, on the books (Unified Development Code), there is an Urban Village Zoning. What are your feelings about this zoning? Why?

Twice, the city has reached out to the community to get our opinions. Each time, I have stated that I am not a fan of multi-use development. However, a point that was presented to me, by Melissa (from the city), that I cannot ignore, or counter argue. Her point is that it might not be our personal choice but it is the choice of a lot of people moving to the area, millennials, and elderly. I cannot dispute this point. The next generation of home/business buyers is eating these types of developments up. With the correct zoning, we can keep the balance of what the market wants and the small town we all desire.

Land Use Study – please respond by April 2, 2019
Last summer, city staff did a land use study on numerous dates. What are your opinions about this study? Why?

I was happy to hear that the city wanted to gather the input from the public. This is the second time in 10 years that this was done. Not, much has changed. The people wanted better roads, more amenities, more restaurants. The People want growth.

Communications – please respond by April 9, 2019
If a constituent e-mails you a question or comment on an issue where you disagree and asks you for a response, will you respond to the constituent? Why or why not?

I am a firm believer in the ideals of Justice. I have a background in law, and one of the things that is presented is that: “Men in good conscious will have conflict, and both sides must be represented in good faith.” This is how progress works. I am willing to talk to anyone, 24/7. My personal cell is 8177916698. I will always listen to anyone’s ideas. Bring your points, your argument, and be ready for a rebuttal.

Issue – please respond by April 16, 2019
What is the most important issue the city council is facing? Why?

Currently, our most important issue is our impending red line on the budget. Our city finance director is predicting that we will be in the red by 2021 if something doesn’t give. We want better roads, better parks, better paid Fireman, more Policeman but we have no sustainability. We reduce revenue and taxes and then vote to increase budgets. We say we need retail space and then vote against new businesses and developments. Something needs to give. My goal is to get bureaucracy out of the way and let the free market do its job. For the next two years, we need to increase revenue to soften the blow that is coming. If we want our cake and eat it too, we must consider, that the City must have revenue to create and fulfill the desires of the people. Currently, our Youth Baseball League cannot practice on our own fields and has gone to Arlington. For the simple reason of lack of budget for our parks. Our Police Department has two officers on most nights. There must be at least three to be effective. Our Fireman and our city staff are underpaid, we need to increase their pay to balance their cost of living and increases in their Health Insurance cost. We must address the budget for the future and not for the short term.