Focus on growth


Small business & Retail Development

My goal is to get the bureaucracy out of the way of growth for our city.  The growth is here, now.  We have been preparing for over a decade to clean up our city’s image, to bring in new developments.  That time is here.  I am a local small business owner and I understand the difficulty of keeping my doors open in a small community.  We need to shop in kennedale to promote our local economy and our small business neighbors.  A strong healthy community with shops, restaraunts and enterainment decrease our reliabilty of property tax as income for the city.  We all want a safe area, great parks, good streets, and better infrasture.

Community Health


Community Events

I have been on the front line of community events for the last decade. To have a healthy community, we need to have community events. Especially in a small town. I find a direct correlation between events being canceled and our current state of division within the city. That is why, I created the Concert in the Park to support our Local Food bank. My plan was to bring our neighbors together with an event that has a righteous goal. I am excited that each year this event has grown, and we have great plans with it this year. I will encourage and promote groups that want to host community events.

our parks

sports complex.

I have been privileged to serve on the Park’s Board for many years. One initiative that I am proud of is bringing the lack of Park’s funds to the attention of both the board and current council. I have utilized potential Eagle Scouts Projects to enhance our Parks but, more importantly, brought the attention of a lack of budget for the upkeep and improvements to Sanora Park and its baseball fields. Currently, I am spear heading plan to create a sports complex in Kennedale to support local youth activities. By doing this, we can hold tournaments at our fields. Tournaments will create revenue for the park’s maintenance. If I become your representative, I will champion a public bond election to cover this (and other) Park improvement projects.

state of the city

More police

I truly believe we have a safe community. That is because of our Police Department. However, in 2008 budget cuts required KPD to release two officers. This has caused a problem to the stress of our on-duty police. On most nights of the week, we have two officers on duty. For Officer’s safety, it takes two officers to address suspicion of crimes during a traffic stop. That leaves zero on patrol. This is also a problem if one of those police officers has to do a drop-off at a Jail or a Mental Health facility. To complete these tasks, an Officer must leave the city limits, leaving only one officer on duty. Another scenario would be a traffic wreck or incident on the Kennedale Parkway. You would need 2 officers to control traffic and the scene, leaving zero on patrol. I have spoken to both the Police Chief and Captain, and they have explained the need for 1-3 officers. If I am elected, I will champion the immediate hiring of 1 officer, with the hopes of scaling the other two the following years.


According to the Finance Director of Kennedale, we are in a deficit spending. The projection, if we stay on this course, is that we will be in the red by 2021. In the last two years, council has reduced revenue and dramatically reduced property taxes leading to the cause of this conundrum. As your representative, I will encourage development of Retail Shops to improve Tax Revenue for the city. I will support removing bureaucracy out of the way of small business growth for our area. This will alleviate the burden to the landowners of Kennedale. The city must have an adequate budget to function and provide the services that we all want. We all want superior parks, improved roads, focused growth, and community events. By increasing revenue for the city, we can rely less on debt to accomplish this.